All of our instructors are high time CFI / ATP’s. (Certified Flight Instructor / Airline Transport Pilot)
We are committed to professional instruction in an enjoyable environment!


Brian describes his “aviation affliction” as an out of control hobby. He has been flying for over 30 years and currently flies out of Palm Springs as a regional airline pilot. He has flown all over the country in both general aviation planes (mostly a Piper Dakota) as well as CRJ’s.

He became the owner of Palm Springs Flying School only so that he could continue instructing in well maintained airplanes.

He is fond of saying, “the secret to a good landing is, try not to land”.




Charles Hess (Ed) CFI/CFII/MEI/ATP

Ed soloed when he was 16 and got his private at 17. Went on to get commercial, instrument, CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP. Also holda a CTO (Control Tower Operator) and a Air Traffic Control Specialist (radar approach control) ratings. He is a a subcontractor for the FAA at DEN International airport Tracon where he develops and instructs scenarios and lesson plans for DEN approach control. He has 6500+ total time, 4662 hours as an instructor, 1500+ cross-country, 200+ actual instrument,1030+ night,1400+ instrument instructor, 1400+ multi-engine, 1500+ T-34. He flew IFR part 135 in the Midwest and West as a charter pilot, cargo pilot, and a lifeguard pilot. He taught at Buckley ANG at the Aero Club where he was involved in the Air Force Academy pilots accuracy landing team, and the primary Multi Instructor. Some of the aircraft flown include C-172, C182, C140, C177RG, C-340, C402, C303, C421, C404, PA-28R, PASE, PA-42, PA-22, BE-90, T-34.



CFI, CFII, experienced in part 91 with previous experience in part 121 and 135 training. 25,000 hours plus flight time.

Captain, Continental Airlines and Chief Pilot, Air Micronesia (retired), NetJets, Corporate Pilot. Hawker 1000

Recently awarded the FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award and the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award.

Certificates held are:

  • FAA Aircrew Program Designee B-747 #SW-64-CAL-54
  • Airline Transport Pilot B-707, B-720B, B-727, B-747, DC-10, BAE-125
  • Mechanic- Airframe & Power Plant


Kent Pramhus CFI,CFII, ATP

Kent learned to fly in West Fargo, ND and earned a Private Pilot license in 1986. Over the years Kent has owned many GA Airplanes and have found that when asked which airplane is the favorite, he cannot find an acceptable answer – He loves them all! Kent has been able to fly most GA airplanes while working as a New and Used aircraft salesman. Kent thoroughly enjoyed helping an owner get to know their new aircraft and work with them to ensure they are comfortable in it. Kent’s day job is working for a regional airline as a pilot based here in Palm Springs. Kent looks forward to sharing his flying experience with you and to pass on some knowledge he has been able to acquire. Let Kent know how he can help assist you with your goals and he will develop a plan with you to achieve your goals.