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No matter your reasons for seeking a license to fly, the journey to being a competent and confident pilot begins at Palm Springs flight training school.

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We know that the most important step in becoming a successful and highly competent pilot is selecting the right school to train in, Palm Springs Flying School
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Aircraft Rentals, leasing short and long term. Certified Flight Instructors, Private lessons, Pilot proficiency check, Aerial photography, and discovery flights


Our professional staff of FAA certified flight instructors can show you how to become part of a growing number of people in our area who can now call themselves pilots.
Pilot License Tips

Pilot License Tips

Preparing to Get Your Pilot License Tips When I was growing up, probably the one piece of “sage advice” I heard from an elder relative was simply, “Always know what you are getting into.” And when it comes to getting your pilot’s…

Pilot Training

Pilot training is highly vocational when compared with a traditional degree; the course prepares students for the job that they will actually do, in contrast to many traditional degrees, in which students may not even use in a practical way…

Flight Training Program

In every flight training program, the instructor is a personal guide through the world of aviation and the lessons are a combination of practical and theoretical classes.

Choose The Best Flight School

To fully maximize the rewards that aviation has to offer, you must choose the best and adequately equipped training school that has a reputation for offering safe comprehensive training to students and churning out confident and fully qualified…

Crosswind Landing

Crosswind Landing Explained In the first days of air travel, there were no crosswind landing. Over time, planes began demanding greater takeoff spaces. This meant that there was a must buy and preserve a big field so that you can accommodate…
Pilot's License Tips

Our Flight Academy

Palm Springs Flying School offers Professional Flight training and ground training, Aircraft Rentals, leasing short and long term. Certified Flight Instructors, Private lessons, Pilot proficiency check, Aerial photography, and discovery flights…

Single Pilot Training

Your need for single pilot training can be fulfilled at Palm Springs Flying School. Pilot training can be stressful, but it is an incredibly rewarding aviation experience.

Pilot Training

Private Pilot training can be easy, cost effective and more fulfilling than you ever imagined. Call Palm Spring Flying School today!
Pilot License Tips

Become A Pilot

How Do I Become A Pilot? It is about time you pursued your dreams; starting an aviation career. Becoming a Pilot gives you the rare opportunity to have an aerial view of the world. No matter your motive behind becoming a pilot, you will likely…

Great Training & Pricing

Talk to us today to discover how we have simplified flight training and how you could soon be on your way to being a professional pilot at great pricing.

Instrument Flight Training

Palm Springs Flying School is the ideal institution to acquire aviation training. As per FAA requirements, we offer several distinct instrument flight training phases, each level designed to build on the skills and knowledge learned in the previous…