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Evaluating a Flight Training School https://s3.amazonaws.com/palmspringsflightschool/Evaluating+a+Palm+Springs+Flight+Training+School.mp4 When you finally make that decision to go for your pilot’s license, it’s an exciting step for you.…

Our Pilot Instructors

Our highly experienced and passionate pilot instructors are exceptional mentors who are conversant with every aspect of flight training. They share the company policy of exceeding student expectations and exhaustively answering any questions…
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Pilot Proficiency Check

All licensed pilots today are required to undertake a skills test or a proficiency check in order to be issued with a revalidation, or rating, or for their expired ratings to be renewed. This check is made up of written and/or oral examination…
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Our Training Programs

We are focused on providing training programs, schedules, and instrumentation guidance personalized to every trainee’s individual tastes and needs.
Flight Scools

Flight Schools

Flight Schools - Time For You To Fly One of the biggest moments of your life will occur on a relatively lonely airstrip with just one other person with you. And that will be the first time you actually take controls of an airplane and take…
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Experience Flying

Private pilots often fly with an empty right seat and we would like to change that and share the experience of flying in a private plane.
Flight Scools

Our Flight School

At Palm Springs Flying School we know that the most important step in becoming a successful and highly competent pilot is selecting the right school to train in.

Our Location

Our location offers some of the best flying conditions with 355 days a year of excellent weather. With weather that is ideal for any type of lesson. Our location is nearby within 45 miles of Coachella, Indio, La Quinta, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage,…
Pilot Certification

Pilot Certification

Get Your Pilot Certification At Palm Springs Flying School When you first got the vision to get your pilot certification, how did you see yourself? For some of us it is at the controls of a jumbo jet operated by one of the big airline companies…
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Fly Anywhere

Private pilots can basically fly anywhere they want, so long as they follow the applicable regulations, such as calling the control tower to request a landing clearance.
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Stop Dreaming About It

Call Palm Springs Flying School Today! Complete flight training. Learn at your own pace. (760) 399-8371 Thats 760 3WX VFR1

Density Altitude Training

In aviation, density altitude is used to assess the aircraft's aerodynamic performance under certain weather conditions. The lift generated by the aircraft's airfoils and the relation between indicated and true airspeed are also subject to air…

Pilots License

Step By Step To Getting Your Pilots License Probably the first big step if you want to get moving on a career that involves flying an aircraft is to get a pilots license that enables you to serve as a private pilot. To put that in context,…
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Fly High With Us

To fully maximize the rewards that aviation has to offer, you must choose the best and adequately equipped training school that has a reputation for offering safe comprehensive training to students and churning out confident and fully qualified…

International Flight Training Learn to Fly

Our Global Flight Training for pilots’ certificate training leads you through our Exclusive Pilot Certification, which enables you to be a professional pilot, with a number of personal and professional advantages and options. [hydvideo…

Our Instructors

Our highly experienced FAA certified flight instructors are focused on providing you with the best training, using a proven curriculum, and an effective, engaging delivery system.